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Nailstudio Your Nails for You!

Our aim is to combine beauty, aesthetics and health with care for hands and feet. It is important for us, that when you come to us, you may simultaneously solve your problems by getting competent help and care and make at the same time beautiful manicure or pedicure, that will take into consideration your physiological and individual features. We do not operate according to a pattern, but we select a solution for every customer.

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Naturally beautiful structure nails 

Structure nails are done with odorless, nontoxic hardening ultraviolet method, the persistence is based on molecules joining together, not aggressive chemicals. We have a wide selection of various LCN gels. of which we can find a suitable choice for every customer.

The nails feel and look natural. You may choose the length of your nails. You may get unique decorations and colors for your nails.

We make structure nails using a mold; we use only various gels for building a shape and choosing the length of finger nails. 



We offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality German LCN products. LCN products have a mild scent and in manufacture the components causing allergy has been removed.

BOOST GEL, test the new method!
Due to its special composition Natural Nail Boost is flexible, prevents cracking regardless its thin layer. This quality is unique, exclusively developed by LCN scientists. Natural Nail Boost get will not be removed. It may grow off within time.

Natural Nail Boost method is suitable for:
- customers, who want their nails grow evenly, strong and beautiful
- customers, who have thin, fragile and soft nails
- customers, who want to protect their nails with natural, cared style
- customers, who have grooves in their nails and who want to have even and young-looking nails

We have also hand treatments for men, read more 



It contains beeswax, silk, carrot oil, protein and D-panthenol. This treatment helps nails to heal after gel polish or removal of structure nails. German style manicure prevents nails to bend.

The treatment takes about 45 minutes. After treatment the nails and cuticles look well cared and the growth of nails increases. The result is noticeable immediately after the first treatment.

Have the wax treatment done maximum twice a month. 



The nails are polished, cut if needed and decorated either by drawing or adding readymade decorations like diamonds. Hands are treated with hand cream

Come and visit and take your friend or sister along! 



Paraffin care is based on slow radiant low heat and it is well suited for hands and feet treatments, especially for rheumatic hands. Warm paraffin which deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin is effective the absorption of skin care agents and heals skin metabolism, relaxes and relieves pain, anneals out lines and wrinkles.

The end-result is soft skin, which looks healthier and younger. A special moisturizing paraffin treatment is suitable for hands and feet during winters and it is also quick and nice extra treatment 




Foot care is a part of health care.

Several internal and external factors (such as standing work, hereditary foot posture, aptness to perspiration or hobbies) have effects on the skin and nails of feet. This way the needs for foot care vary individually. With care you will get necessary information of the condition of your feet and massage and guidance for home care and selection of products.

Foot care includes foot bath, care of nails and cuticles, removal of callus, peeling and cream. 



This treatment includes cutting of toenails, filing, care of cuticles and thinning of nails if needed and apply of foot cream.

Please contact and make an appointment today either for yourself or as a gift for your friend.

If you have questions, please phone or send an email.

Senior citizens get this treatment at 30 € 



Jessica brand from the United States has developed a GELeration which gives a fantastic polish up to three weeks. The polish is simple and quick to make.

The result is thin ands shiny. In toe nails the polish stays beautiful up to two months. 



An ingrown toenail is a reason to seek for a professional treatment by a podiatrist!

Because you are not familiar with the profession of a podiatrist or it does not belong to the health care, many customers are forced to have an ungiectomy of the toenail order to ease the pain and to calm the infection.

In nail studio Your Nails you get treatment for protraction of nails!
I make the treatment using a rubber band is, that it is easy and quick to have done on the first visit, even though the cuticle is septic.

If you have questions or you would like to have more information, please contact Your Nails! 



Nail studio Your Nails offers its customers relaxing moments amid busy life!

Health has a reflective effect on the condition of fingernails. When the nail is healthy, it has a light shine and its surface is smooth and color rosy. A healthy nail is elastic. Psychical balance and blood circulation and lymphatic fluid in hands and fingers effect on the health of nails. A healthy nail endures small knocks without break. When the nail is intact and clean, it does not tear or scratch.

One third of women have problems with their nails, fragile nails, dry cuticles and grooves on the surface.

Let a professional entrepreneur take care of your hands
Plan a lovely manicure for yourself and for your colleagues!

An example: An evening of four to five hours for 4 participants from 4pm until 9 pm 

Full manicure (45€/person or 180€/4 persons)
including shaping of nails, bathing of hands, peeling, treatment of cuticles, hand cream, light massage and nail polish.

Basic manicure (30€/person or 120€/4 persons)
including shaping of nails, treatment of cuticles, hand cream, light massage and nail polish

German style manicure  (35€/person or 140€/4 persons)
includes basic manicure

Gel polish (45€/person 180€/4 persons)
(long-lasting polish) lasts even 4-5 weeks

Offers during the ladies’ evening:
- 10% discount of product sales
- 10% discount of made appointments within the following 2 months

We will end the evening with a glass of champagne!

Phone or visit and make an appointment to get the hands of your dreams! 



A flower bouquet and a wedding ring make people look at the bride’s hands.

When you are a belle of a ball, have your hands and nails treated for the wedding.

This is well suited for bridesmaids, mothers, sisters and grandmothers! 



We treat and care men’s hands to the best possible condition regardless of the age!

Please contact and make an appointment today for yourself or as a gift to a friend.

Don’t hesitate to ask more by phone or email. 

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